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Last Updated: 2018/1/6

★ Mission
The mission of the department is to nurture students to become excellent professionals in the healthcare information and management workforce, equipped with superior skills in healthcare information and healthcare administration.

★ Undergraduate ★

★ Goals & Objectives
Goal 1:Enhancing students' innovative and multidisciplinary thinking
Goal 2:Strengthen students' ability in healthcare profession
Goal 3:Cultivating healthcare ethics
Goal 4:Emphasizing practical experience in healthcare profession
Goal 5:Broadening worldview

★ Core Competencies
◎ Ability to apply the basic concepts of medical information and management
◎ Ability to practically apply theoretical knowledge, to plan, to implement, and to analyze cases in real world.
◎ Ability to integrate multiple-disciplinary learning and thinking.
◎ Ability to communicate efficiently in written or verbally and to cooperate with others.
◎ Ability of lifelong learning, to keep up-to-date with current health issues, and the possession of global and professional ethics.
◎ Possession of global and international view.

★ Graduate ★

★ Goals & Objectives
Goal 1:To strengthen student’s professional skills in the field of healthcare administration.
Goal 2:To nurture students with social concerns and ethics.
Goal 3:To widen students’worldview.

★ Core Competencies
◎ Abilities to research, analyze, and make decisions in the field of healthcare administration.
◎ Professional knowledge and skills in healthcare administration.
◎ Abilities to work in a team and self teach.

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